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Thoughts on Nets 06-07 - NJ Nets Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Thoughts on Nets 06-07 [Nov. 21st, 2006|08:25 pm]


Sheez. When was the last time someone posted on this board? Anyways, the Nets are on their annual Turkey Week Westcoast Roadtrip right now. Historically, they've sucked at this roadtrip but who knows? I'm more optimistic about the Nets this year than I have been the past two years.

The main reason for the optimism is that the Nets bench are actually contributing. Last year, the Nets' starters were the 2nd most efficient squad in the NBA. They were second only to last year's Detroit. The problem last year was that the starters can't play 48 minutes and their bench was pretty much Jacques Vaughn and Cliff Robinson. It still scares me to think we relied on those two as the bench. This year, Frank is actually playing the bench and they go really deep.

Marcus Williams is a baller. His passing skills are great but he's still finding his way around the court. My big issue with him is that he plays more like Steve Francis than he does Kidd. He dribbles too much and looks for his own shot. That and he doesn't play defense.

Antoine Wright is significantly improved. His offense is decent but his defense is better! Antoine has an average shooting touch but he rarely uses it. He is probably leading the league in layups this year. All he does is drive to the basket.

Nachbar already made me forget about last year's bench. This guy was a steal. He's the only bench player I'm confident in providing instant offense so far. Eddie House might be another player but we'll see how his rehab goes. You can't rave too much about Nachbar's defense because he really sucks at defending the 4s.

Uncle Cliffy is steady. As of right now, he's injured. When he does play he's doing all the things the team needs him to do.

Let's not forget about Hassan Adams and Josh Boone. Adams will be good someday. He has the heart and the tools there. His only problem is that he has a problem picking up the Nets offense.

As for the starters, Kidd and Carter are off to really good starts. Kidd is slowly regaining the form he had in 02. He won't ever be that player again but he is still the leader of the Nets and can change the game without even scoring. Carter is already playing better than he did last year. This guy's just impressing me more and more. Jefferson hasn't wowed me yet but then again, he was injured for 5 games. His jumpshot looks really good this year. Krstic has already shown improvement. His offense is getting better and his rebounding is already better than last year. He still picks up silly fouls.

Well, hopefully the Nets will do well this year. The Eastern Conference seems to be really weak so far this year. Call it parity, but everyone but the Magic and the Cavs are sucking right now. The Nets are a game above .500 right now but then again, they lost Jefferson for 5 days and Uncle Cliffy, Eddie House, and Josh Boone are all injured. So there's definitely room for improvement. With the exception of 02, the Nets has always started slow. Considering they're ranked 3rd in the East right now, the slow start is kinda encouraging. Look for them to get better as the season progress.

By the way, I was able to get Nets season tickets this year. They were selling 44 games for $200. Heck! The parking at the arena costs more than the actual tickets. Kudos to Thorn and Yomark for making it happen.