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Finally! The Nets are back to form! Running and defending and… - NJ Nets Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Dec. 21st, 2005|10:44 am]


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Finally! The Nets are back to form! Running and defending and scoring. They're actually following their team motto this year: "Bring it!" From what I noticed, here are the changes they made:

1) Frank went with the bench players he trusted: Vaughn, Robinson, and Padgett. McGinnis, Murray, Jackson were good in some ways but those 3 are capable of bonehead defensive plays. McGinnis' selfishness sometimes comes out and it hurts the offense.

2) They're communicating better on defense and the help defense has been awesome.

3) They're feeding Carter the ball. Jefferson, Kidd, and Carter are the big three. The first 17 games, they tried sharing the ball and they came up with a sub .500 record. They went away with that formula after the last 6 games and started feeding Carter the ball exclusively with Jefferson getting his touches through backdoor passes, fastbreaks, and defensive plays.

4) Kidd is 100% more aggressive. He's actually pushing the ball now.

5) Krstic is more consistent and not getting as many stupid fouls.

6) Most of the chemistry is back now. Jefferson predicted at the beginning of the season that the Nets won't have it's chemistry till around 20 games. He's almost right.

Gawd...the Nets are actually fun to watch again. I hope I don't jinx it for them tonight in Orlando.