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Pics and Gripes - NJ Nets Community [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Pics and Gripes [Dec. 1st, 2005|11:39 am]


I took some pictures from the Wizards game in November and as well as the Pistons game last night. I only have the Wizards game up so far but I'll post up the Pistons pics sometime over the weekend:

Nets vs. Wiz Pics

I had a better seat during the Pistons game but the damn backboard was in the way because it was literally right in front of me. So most of the shots are of people with their backs turned to me.


I'm a little bit annoyed at the Nets right now because they are playing so damn inconsistent. Their 3-point defense sucks more than last year's. Why can't they fix that!?!?!?

How come NJ doesn't run anymore? The only player that runs with Kidd is RJ. Carter and the gang just mosey on down the court. This team forgot that they went to the finals on the strength of their defense and transition offense. Yes, it's nice that we now have a half-court game but we have the weapons for transition. The defense isn't there anymore but we can still run on the few defensive plays the Nets make.

The Nets have 2 good offensive weapons, a great leader/playmaker, a semi-legitimate offensive post machine in Krstic, and a post-defensive star in Collins. The Nets can do better than a 7-8 record in November. The last time the Nets went 8-8 or .500 this early in the season is the time when Byron Scott got fired.